Help! I think I'm killing it!

by Cyn I.
(Minnesota, USA)

full view

full view

Two Chinese girls gave this plant to me the day they moved back to China & told me nothing about it.

I think it's a succulent...?
Okay, when I got it she stuck strait up & she was short with a TON of leaves everywhere & then she even blossomed tiny little yellow flowers all over; but I think I'm killing it. She was healthy (maybe?) before I re-potted her; she was in a mega small pot so I bought her this massive pot like 7 months ago. Almost a month ago there were hoards of fruit flies living in her soil so I put those fish tank rocks in to kill those nasty bugs.

About a week ago this white stuff started growing all over her. I get a really bad headache when I touch her, maybe it's the white stuff??? Her leaves used to be rubbery but now their SUPER silky and thin.
This plant means so much to me and I REALLY want to give it a good life.

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Jul 29, 2014
Not killing it...yet
by: Jacki

Your plant is going to be fine, but you'll have to get a little harsh with it. This is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, and you can see more about these plants here; Kalanchoe species. Scroll through the entries to find out more.

So, to start with, your plant is not getting enough light, and that's why it's fallen over. This is typical, and other than giving it more light, once you get to the harsh treatment part, it will be fine.

Look on the page about pruning and you'll see that I've illustrated exactly how to cut the plants back so they'll be bushy and healthy.

Jul 29, 2014
by: Cyn I.

I seriously thought she was a one of a kind, haha!
I'm so happy that I can take care of her now.

Thank you so very much for this~

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