Heart Tin Mosaic

Fun and funky way to display your succulents

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Interesting ways to plant succulents in funky junk or otherwise trashed or thrown out contaners are all over; this is one way to use those cute heart shaped tins that you find around Valentines Day filled with Turtles or other chocolatey treats, or use the link at the bottom of the page to buy a new one.

Heart Tin Mosaic - Succulents & Rustic

First, the tins are thrown into the bonfire to burn off the garish paint.  Then they are allowed to weather and rust a bit out in the rain.

Heart shaped tin after being burned in the bonfire

Holes are punched into the bottom of the tin with a nail - although eventually this will be hung on a wall or fence, the holes will let the soil drain while the plants root in.

Flats of very dry Sempervivum plugs

A collection of really dry Sempervivum are found hidden in the back - they'll recover just fine, wait and see.

Planted and ready to rest and recover, the Sempervivum will look completely different next week

The root bound little plugs are cut in half, so they'll fit better in the tin, which is only about 3/4" deep.  Packed in tightly, they'll recover in a week or two with a few good drinks and a bit of fertilizer.

In time, they'll mesh together to hold each other in place - eventually I'll be able to hang this on a wall or fence for display.

Less than a week after planting, the Sempervivum are recovering

After they've been watered a few times, the succulents (shown here, Sempervivum) are all opened up and rooted in. 

I have a confession to make, in case any of you are quick to notice that the rosettes are all in a different place - the whole thing slid out, because I did a really dumb thing. 

I left the heart tin leaning up, instead of putting it horizontal until they rooted.  So, I had to replace them all, and they are now mixed up.  It still looks nice though...

Three weeks later, the succulents are all recovered...

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