heart shaped serrated leafs

by Rikki
( Romania)

Hi I was wondering if you can please help me identify this plant that I got for my birthday along with 2 others that look like it and each one has different colored flowers - this one has red flowers in the picture.

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Aug 26, 2017
Not a Succulent
by: Jacki

This is a common plant used a lot as an annual for planting in shady areas - like porches.

It is Begonia semperflorens, which means 'ever flowering', or Wax Begonia, which is what the flowers look to be made of, both apt descriptions.

They grow best in organic compost or potting soil, not as well drained or sandy as most succulents.

Although usually grown from seed, they are really fast to root from cuttings (and a lot of fun). They can root in water, so put a cutting or two in a glass jar so you can see this happening.

The new plants will grow indoors for the winter, they are actually perennial, even though in cold climates they are discarded when the weather cools in the fall.

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