Heart shaped, matte, without spines

by Sarah
(Portland oregon)

The heart shaped one

The heart shaped one

I have no idea what the species is and we can't find the scientific name online. Please help me! I need to know how it grows, and what conditions are safe for it.

Hi Sarah, this looks like Hoya kerrii, and it's a very unusual plant - there are very few plants that have heart shaped leaves.

You can find out more about the genus here: Hoya, and more about this specific species here: Hoya kerrii.

Just so you know, apparently, the leaves will root, but unless there is a piece of stem attached, that's all you will get is the one leaf. I think they're really cute to see them like this, but they aren't going to amount to much more than that. Sorry to tell you that, but enjoy it while it's alive.

Happy Heart Succulents!

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Aug 09, 2013
Heart shaped succulent
by: Debbie

I bought this massively cute plant from idea for just 99p! It was just a heart shaped green plant. It sprouted another, then another and has grown really tall in 4 yrs I have had it. It is very healthy (& I'm usual rubbish with plants!).

It has now sprouted what looks like is going to be a flower on about 10 sprouts from the se little branch! Just googling it to see what the flower would look like-didn't know it was quite rare!!
I love it, it's my fave plant in the house!!

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