haworthia plant rotting

by Kaiea

I got this two months ago, and it just recently started rotting and loosing the white colored stripes. I put it in a terrarium with other succulents about 2 weeks ago and is on my dresser on the left side of the south west facing window centered in the room. How do I fix it?

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May 01, 2018
First things first...
by: Jacki

Take it out of the terrarium. Right away. If this glass container it's in has no drain hole, get it out of that too. The soil is all wrong for it, it should be much more porous, like cactus soil. The pale leaves indicate that it's not getting enough light, so put it somewhere more bright - not in full sun, especially through a window. The best thing would be a grow light, which you have more control over. Set it to twelve hours of light, twelve of dark.

Just so you know, it may be too late to save it, but it's still got some green on it, so it could be okay.

Haworthia don't like excess brightness, but they do like a bit more water than other succulents, so if you watered your terrarium to suit the others, then this would be getting lot less than it likes. They do best on their own, or with other members of their own genus.

More on Haworthia here.

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