Haworthia Attenuata

by Julia

Haworthia fasciata, a very closely related species

Haworthia fasciata, a very closely related species

I just purchased a Haworthia Attenuata and it seems to have a spicy smell, almost like jalapeno peppers. I was wondering if this is normal?

Hi Julia, what an odd question! From all accounts, Haworthia don't have any smell at all - depending on where you bought your plant it could be that it's taken on the smell of things around it - such as peppers.

It's also possible that before it was sent to wherever you purchased it there was some kind of spray applied for pests - I have used these types of pepper sprays - please use caution handling the plant until it's had time to wear off - the oils in peppers are really strong and can be a real issue if you happen to touch your eyes after handling the plant; capsicum spray is what police forces use to quell criminals, and is the active ingredient in bear spray.

The other thing to watch is, of course; if they felt it necessary to spray the plant, then there is a chance that there will be pests; please quarantine the plant and very carefully inspect it before adding it to your collection.

Best of luck with your lovely plant!

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