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Aug 21, 2011
by: Joseph

I think that's the plant! That really helps. My hunch is that it's not getting enough sun. And I should probably give it a hair cut.


Oct 16, 2011
String of bananas
by: Anonymous

looks similar to the one i just bought. Mine was called string of bananas. hope this helps!

Apr 11, 2012
String of Bananas
by: Haley

That looks very much like a String of Bananas plant that I had a while back. I loved it. It almost exactly like a String of Pearls with the thin window on each leaf. It is toxic to animals so, if you have any, I would keep it out of their reach.

Sep 11, 2013
Fish hooks
by: Laurie

The string of bananas are small which I do have, your looks like the hanging "Fish hooks" which I also have.

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