by Shreela
(Bhilai, India)

pale green Sedum

pale green Sedum

Is what the seller said ...
I do not know whether the last 2 will be classified as succulents at all, & sorry to ask You 5 questions at a time, but I really want my little plants to survive ... I'm new to them, please help!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Ask away, I don't mind! I love plants, even ones that aren't technically succulents. There are many that you could class as companion plants, as they have similar requirements, and the textures and growth habits complement all the others in a group planting.

I've put notations on the pictures above, which may or may not help, as I can't tell you much about which exact kind they are. However, you can't go wrong if you treat them all with some callous disregard (ie: don't overwater them) and give them fairly bright light.

Many will burn in full blazing sun, so afternoon shade is best, with full or dappled shade in the morning until around noon.

Well drained soil, as always. See the succulent care page.


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