Hanging over the edge of the pot

by Ann
(Wenatchee, Washington )

My maternity plant is hanging over the edge of the pot like a hanging plant. Is that normal? Or is there a way that you can make them grow up and not just hang over the sides?

Hi Ann, this is fairly typical, although it tells you two things: one is that it's overgrowing it's space, by being overwatered and overfed, and also it's not getting enough light.

These originate in hot climates with plenty of sun, and in northern climates, we have such short days through the winter.

A grow light will help; in your situation the type that is a single lamp would be good to give it that extra light, and if it's in a window, give the pot a quarter turn every day to even it out.

I would probably chop it off above where it's leaning, and make it into several cuttings and by the time spring arrives you'll have some nice bushy plants.

Each leaf axil (where the leaves meet the stem) has a bud, so if the top is cut off, these buds all start to grow.

One thing I probably wouldn't do, but you might want to, is to stake it to hold it upright.

You should tie the stem onto the stake with some kind of soft wrapping, like t-shirt strips, in a figure 8 format.

This prevents the strips from constricting the stem and killing it.

Hope this helps get your plant back on track!

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