'Hand me down' succulent.

by silents
(Brooklyn, ny, usa)

I was given this plant at a farmer's market. I was checking out one tiny pot of succulent.

It was a 2 inch pot at the most, and it was like a rosette but not as dense.

Only two leaves at the opposite sides and alternating all the way.

He just gave me it's baby plants and told me to go and put it in a soil. Back home I just bought some soil at the dollar store and put it in an old glass.

A few months later I noticed it was growing slowly and also had the same baby plants beneath it as I had been once given. Please help me identify it so I can care for it accordingly.

This little guy is a Kalanchoe species, I'm not sure exactly which one, as there are many that all look very similar at this stage of growth.

It's possibly Kalanchoe daigremontiana, but until it gets a little bigger it's too hard to pin it down.

The main characteristic of many of these plants is their habit of producing baby plants on the edges of the leaves, and in time, their gorgeous flowers.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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