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Guttering Invasion

by Chris
(Weymouth uk)

Guttering Invasion

Guttering Invasion

This plant has over the last few weeks has spread along our roof guttering, and seems to be rooting in the gutter moss.

The plant is probably very common but I know nothing about succulents except that this plant looks like a typical succulent.

It is compact, med - dark green, and has approx 6mm x3mm "fingers" growing from the stems.

The picture attached shows the plant in a circular 3" x 1/2" deep plant saucer. it looks similar to one of the plants in your "mixed frame" photo, the one that is spreading directly below the centre rosette plant.

Hi Chris, they don't grow this one as a green roof plant for nothing - it even finds it's own roof to grow on!

Sedum album is a really common plant, but very pretty for green roofs or in the garden, or container plantings.

It does tend to be a tiny bit invasive, but luckily it's easy to trim and keep compact - be aware that every piece that gets cut off will grow, even individual leaves.

This makes it a perfect candidate for wedding confetti for a really green wedding.


See more about this plant here: Sedum album

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