Greenish-blue rosette

by Danielle

The rosette with long stem flowers

The rosette with long stem flowers

It is a rosette blueish-green. It grew two long stems with flowers, bell shaped. Pink in the outside Yellow on the inside. It is starting to grow another rosette underneath it

In the photo I am attaching was the best angle I could get. I don't know if I am allowed to ask about more than one plant at a time but I am trying to id them all.

I am having a very hard time will all the "round" shaped rosette ones. Because they look similar I don't know if they are the same just different colors, and the one in the back I haven't found yet either. I don't know.

Any info you can give me is so appreciated.


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Oct 30, 2010
Beautiful combination
by: Jacki

Hi Danielle, you certainly may ask about more than one plant - if I don't know the name, sometimes others can pitch in.

Most of what you have are Echeveria, including the one that's blooming, and you're right, they do resemble one another so sometimes it's hard to really pin down the correct identity.

Some of what you have are Pachyveria (the bronze coloured one - sorry I can't id more than that as there are so many gorgeous recent introductions) and the pale green pendulous one is Sedum morganianum, the Burros Tail.

In the smaller pot it looks like Senecio mandraliscae (see the miscellaneous Succulent Plants page for more information. The smaller bright green could be Crassula such as 'Green Pagoda', and the picture isn't clear enough to really see the small blue-grey one in the front.

See this mixed succulent bowl for more examples of great plant combinations.

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