Green with reddish tips

by Andrew Pennachi
(South Buffalo, NY, USA)

It is much thicker towards the bottom with one tall stem leading up about 15 cm.

Drought Smart Plants reply: Oh, Andrew, how lovely - your Echeveria is going to bloom! The tall flower stem will have probably twenty or so dangling bell like flowers, in shades of peach or pink most likely.

Normally, the tall spray will tend to curve over in an arch, or in some cases simply stand up straight with a cluster of the same kinds of flowers on top.

I'm not 100% sure which Echeveria this is, as there are so many hybrids and species that hybridize with ease, so pinning it down is not an easy task.

However, most take the same kind of care, so if you look on this page you'll see more about how to grow Echeveria.

Happy Succulent Gardening!

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