green waxy stems, ovaled ends with pinkish red tip

by Sarah Moore

I have a green waxy stemmy plant. The base comes up and branches off into many stems. Each end of each stem is oval with a small divot outlined in a pinkish red. The smaller baby stems do not have this

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I think this is Crassula 'Gollum' or Goblin Fingers. Like all Crassula or Jade plants they're relatively easy to grow, provided they never get too wet, but they like a good watering, then to be allowed to almost dry out completely. You can see more about Crassula here.

The odd feature of Crassula 'Gollum' is that there seem to be several different forms - although all are compact and dwarf looking, in some cases the 'finger's are a hollow tube, in others they are just spatulate or thickened on the ends, and pink as you describe.

Altogether a great little addition to every succulent plant collection - not only easy to grow and propagate, they're fun and have an intriguing texture to mix in with other more normal looking plants.

Have fun with your Succulent Growing!

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