Green velvety succulent

by Danny Christian
(Vancouver, Canada)

It is completely green, with velvety leaves. It stared out close to the ground when I got it, and has since grown to be about 5 inches tall. I've had it for about a year. It hasn't flowered. Its leaves are a few millimeters thick, with smooth edges and pointed tips. There are no spikes on it. Cheers, Danny

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Danny, I'm pretty sure what you have is Echeveria setosa, which is similar (related) to Echeveria set-oliver.

I would say that based on the growth, this plant probably needs a bit more light, especially as we go into winter here in Canada.

You can use a grow light to add more light, which is crucial for these sun-loving plants.

Otherwise, your plant looks very healthy.

Keep in mind that pruning succulent plants encourages some new growth to emerge from lower down on the stem, and you can propagate the beheaded top rosette for a brand new, lovely plant to replace the old one.

The beauty of succulents is that they don't mind such rough treatment!

Happy Gardening,

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