Green Roofs Around the World

A Collection of Plants on Roofs From All Over

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Green roofs are nothing new, even though it may seem like it.  For centuries people have been decorating their roofs with plants or using them for protection from the weather, or the wrath of the gods.

Green Roofs from Around the World

We think of Sedum as the ideal plant for green roof planting, but they are only one of the many great choices we have nowadays.

The cottages in Iceland have been thatched in live grass turfs, which eventually root and grow, held in place by strong roots. 

In medievel Europe, Sempervivum, known then as Jovibarba, were tossed up to the roof thatched in reeds to protect them from lightening strikes, and as a bonus they held the thatch in place and added beauty.

Clay tiles emulate the conditions of high alpine mountain cliffs

In Portugal, the clay tiled roofs are the perfect and well drained environment for many different species of the commonly known hens and chicks plant, including Sempervivum arachnoideum among others.

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