green paddle-shaped toothed leaves purple trim

by Betty
(San Diego, CA)

The leaf has white border, no thorns, scalloped edge to leaves.
Pups show up on long thin stem that comes out of base of plant, I think.

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Betty, your plant is a mystery to me - so interesting that it has the outline on the edge of the leaf in two colours, and the scallops. I'd be interested to see if it blooms, that might be easier to figure out what it is.

I'll keep looking for the solution for you!

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Feb 02, 2012
Found it!
by: Jacki

Here's some information about your plant:

"The plant in the photo is Kalanchoe synsepala, aka Walking Kalanchoe.

Nice interesting plant. Prone to mealie bugs - if there's one in the vicinity, it will find this plant!

This plant is not hardy in the greenhouse and must come in for winter.

Propagation is by rooting the offset 'plantlets' which grow much like a strawberry plant or like a spider plant.

Prepare a clean pot and suitable soil. When the offset has grown long enough, place it on the surface of the soil of the new pot and anchor it gently with a pebble.

After awhile it will form roots and can then be separated from the mother plant by snipping the long stem near the base of the plantlet and from the base of the mother plant."

This information is thanks to Ronaele Hahn, another visitor to the site.

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