Green leaves, reddish stem, roots grow close to surface

by KM
(Bristol, UK)

my little plant looking out at the snow

my little plant looking out at the snow

I bought my plant from my University Plant stall, they didn't know what it was called but said that it would take at least a year before flowers started to grow on it. (It as yet still has not got flowers or buds) I have had it since September/October (so now is about 8-9 months).

I have enclosed a picture - taken around 4 months ago - since the picture it has grown wider, and as the leaves have grown bigger rather than standing so upright as they are in the picture they have started to tilt downwards - whether this is the sun (as the leaves move rapidly to the sun direction, within a day) or whether it is that it has just grown larger and heavier, I'm not sure.

It grows from a thicker stem, about 4mm in diameter, almost tree like, with branches growing from that, but from very close to the soil, so very little stem exposed.

Very small leaves grow out from the base.

I have repotted it into a slightly bigger pot, and roots, very thin/see through (so new), are now visible just below the surface of the soil, growing outwards rather than down, possibly to get to the newer soil which I figure will have more nutrients.

The largest leaf at present is about 4cms. They all have a paler green around the outside.

Stems started out green and have become red over time. Hope this is enough information? Can you help me identify it so I can look after it better and know what to expect?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

If you're new to succulent plants, and it sounds as though you are, this is a great place to start.

Peperomia are a large family of lovely plants, some with the thick somewhat shiny leaves as your plant shows, and others with many pleated leaves.

The flowers when it blooms are slender spikes, and more unusual than really beautiful. Bright, curtain filtered light, water when dry (allow to dry a little between waterings) and very diluted fertilizer about once or twice a year will keep this little guy happy.

See the page on Daves Garden website about Peperomia obtusifolia variegata

Happy Growing!

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May 16, 2011
Thank you
by: KM

Thank you, I think I pretty much keep it like that anyway, more out of luck than anything else! :) Water it about once a week, keeping it well drained. Doesn't get a lot of light on my windowsill as the buildings opposite block a lot out. But enough that it seems to be happy.

The other pictures I looked up of the species you mentioned look quite different, though I guess there is some variation! It used to have slightly fuzzy leaves though I have noticed that this has faded... maybe it was its winter coat!

But thank you again! I've been worried about not looking after it right!

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