Goodbye 2015

The year in review

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Usually I put together a 'favorite pages' page, but this year I'm going to do a review of the year, and put it all into perspective.

Goodbye 2015 - looking back at the year...

The year started off with a visit to the neurologist in Kelowna, after waiting a whole year for an appointment.  He told me as I was leaving that I would be disabled soon, as in, in a wheelchair. 

I spent most of 2015 waiting for this and it stopped me from doing my crafts and building gardens for most of the summer. 

By the end of summer, into August, I was very wobbly, walking with a stick, and also depending on a walker to get around.  MS is a weird disease; it can come and go, really not seeming to be affected by anything you do.  See more about My New Normal.

There were lots of wildfires close by, in Washington State to the south, and Rock Creek and Oliver to the west.  The smoke put a real damper on our outdoor activities, some days it was unbearable.  The stress of waiting for an evacuation order got on my nerves too, and I'm sure that didn't help with the MS.

I was published in Stephanie Roses book, Garden Made.

Garden Made, by Stephanie RoseGarden Made, by Stephanie Rose

In August, my daughter and her family came to visit for a few days, including my brand new grandson, Chase.  It was a healing time, as I had never had the joy of holding my other grandson Carsen, who died at 7 months old. You can see more about the garden I created for him as a memorial.

The rains came into September, and everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief.  You wouldn't think you would be glad to see the weather change for the worse, but this year it was welcome.

Through September, I couldn't type, which is one of the skills I've always been most thankful for.  I could only hunt and peck.  This was the one thing that gave me the most grief, along with not being able to walk as I have done for the past 14 years; religiously, every day. 

In October, I made a decision to stick with my diet, following the Wahls Protocol, which is derived from the Paleo diet.  This consists of no sugar, no chocolate, no dairy and no wheat.  The wheat was the part I didn't care about so much as I'm wheat intolerant anyway and I've adapted to that since 2009.  Cheese, now that's another story.

The toughest part is having others in the household that don't want to be on the diet, and they say it's really hard to stick with it if that's the case.

In the time I've been on this strict regimen, my MS seems to have settled down, and although I do have some impairments, I can usually get around without the walker, using only my handmade twig walking stick.

Will I stick with it in the new year?  You bet! My resolution was made months ago, and my diet is now one of the most important parts of my health care.  Between that and monthly massage, and also the MELT method that I've started I feel I'm back on track to regain my health, energy and enthusiasm.

I've completely rebranded all six of my websites, including this one.  You can see the water glass in the header, with one precious drop of all the water carefully dispensed for gardens.  Have a look at the logos I developed for all my other sites, now under the canopy of Camp Cammidge;

Camp Cammidge; Rustic, Romantic, Xeric and Organic...

What's coming up in 2016?  If the weather holds and the creeks don't rise, I'll be back to gardening, with determination and fortitude.  I have a volunteer who is eagerly awaiting spring, and getting to work with gloves and weed bucket.

I've been working on the e-courses and e-books that are so in demand; the latest one is all about making hypertufa, and a good place to start to see if you will like it.  You can read more about it here.

I'll be putting together more of that kind of e-book, as well as the Rustic Crafts E-Course and others.  Stay tuned; you can't keep me down!

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