Garden Reflections

Adding light to the garden with mirrors and pools

Garden art and water features have been used for centuries to add light to dark corners of the garden, or brighten up areas that haven't got anything blooming.

Garden Reflections - The Beauty Reflected

One of the most common ways to reflect light is a reflecting pool. 

These work so well because they reflect the sky, making everything around brighter.  Areas under overhanging trees will benefit from the reflections of the branches when leafless, growing in full leaf, or spectacular in autumn color.

As if you needed another reason to have a pond; they are mysterious, life giving and beautiful additions, whatever the form they take.

Ecosystem ponds add more than just wildlife habitat...

Mirrors are a great way to bring in the light.  I made this one from, of all things, a cake tin; find out how I created it.

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They reflect even more of your garden, and make it appear bigger.  The  intriguing glimpses of different parts of the garden fool they eye into seeing the garden as longer and wider. 

Watch where you put these, because they can cause birds to fly into them if they're bigger than these.

Water features of all kinds reflect the sky and any surrounding plants. 

Sensible Gardening...Lynne's lovely waterlilies reflect their own beauty in the water

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