Found in a resort's
small succulent garden
two weeks ago on the SW coast of Kauai

by Doug
(Portland USA)

Planted in well drained soil near some Sedum Nussbaumerium, Euphorbia lactae and some cacti and other euphorbias, this fleshy succulent on a woody stem had the deepest purple leaves I have ever seen on something that appears to be a sedum.

I wasn't allowed to bring any back leaves back to the mainland (believe me I asked!).

The fallen leaves were rooting on the cindery soil near the mother plants as succulents typically do.

I would love to know what this might be and if anyone knows where to find it.

The sedum nussbaumerium is quite orange so the soil is dry, which may be catalyzing the strong purple color of this plant.

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small succulent garden
two weeks ago on the SW coast of Kauai

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Dec 24, 2014
Not a Sedum
by: Jacki

I don't think this would be a stonecrop, based on the way the leaves are arranged, and the way it's formed a long leafless stalk with the top rosette. I'm leaning more towards x Pachyveria, or x Sedeveria, which are both related and similar in habit to Sedum.

This plant, which is aptly called x Pachyveria 'Blue Pearl' looks a lot like it. You may also be able to source it on the same site.

The dark color will definitely be caused by the dry soil, and also possibly some of the nutrients that would be in the volcanic soil. Obviously, this is the ideal situation for succulent plants to thrive.

Great find, and something to definitely look for to add to your collection.

Dec 27, 2014
by: Doug from Portland

Thanks for the insights Jacki! The pictures really don't do justice to the deep purple color of these leaves. Really outstanding and I will pursue your suggestion.

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