fleshy fan-shaped with small oval leaves @ top

by Lisa

Light green, fan-shaped, succulent or cactus (not sure), small oval leaves fan out from top. Bought this at a west elm store & it was not identified.

Drought Smart Plants says; oh, that is quite gorgeous, isn't it? It's some kind of Euphorbia, probably this is Euphorbia flanaganii, the Green Coral Plant seen here on Dave's Garden Website.

Crests, or monstrose types are mutations that occur naturally, sometimes due to a virus or other infection, sometimes at the cellular level. Many of these will revert back to regular type growth, which is generally more vigorous than the crested part which can eventually die off.

It's important to prune off any regular growth, just to keep the fasciation (the fan shaped part) healthy.

Also, please keep in mind that all parts of this plant are poisonous - the sap which is white and milky like latex is especially caustic, and can cause blindness if it gets in your eyes. Please use extreme caution.

See this page for more on Poisonous Succulent Plants and more on Euphorbia here.


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