Fishtail Palm

by Ahmed Shehata

has light color of green...the leaves has like a triangular shape , the one i saw is like 3 m tall

Drought Smart Plants reply:

I'm thinking that this is the Fishtail Palm and due to the fact that there are several trunks in the pot, I'm leaning more towards Caryota mitis. Here's the description from one of my books:

Caryotis species: Feather palms with finely divided leaves, the leaflets flattened and split at the tips like fish tails. Native to south east Asia, where they grow in full sun. In California (and Egypt) they need partial shade, protected site. Indoors give them as much light as possible.

Clustered Fishtail Palm (Caryotis mitis). Slow grower to 20-25 feet. Basal offshoots eventually form clustered trunks. Foliage light green. Very tender, thrives only in ideal environments. Not for the novice.

Hope this helps! I'm learning lots of useful information doing the research of the plants that you ask about, Ahmed - thank you!

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Apr 11, 2012
welcome Jacki
by: Anonymous

thank you..your so Much welcome , and i wanted to give you some names i have reached that you didn't know :)) if your intrested

Drought Smart Plants reply: Of course, Ahmed! Let me know in the comments; I'm always learning, as even someone with lots of knowledge can only ever know a tiny amount of all the information about plants - it's endlessly fascinating to me.

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