Fairy Garden Supplies

What you'll need for your Miniature Landscape

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So you're planning to build a miniature landscape or fairy garden - what do you need? 

Most of the items are easy to find, like a large flat planter and some rocks. 

Some not so easy if you're in an urban area - like moss, tiny plants and some other accessories.

Fairy Garden Supplies

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I always start with the container and use that to base my design on; a rugged hypertufa or pottery bonsai pot gives a different feel to your fairy garden than a sleek china or plastic dish. 

Other things you can use are found items like a small suitcase, a flat wooden tray that old time nurseries used to sell plants in, or even a slab of wood.

Then, if you're going to plant some tiny ground covers or miniature trees, you'll need some soil - don't cheap out on this and use some garden soil, because the weeds will sprout, full size.

I recommend a pasteurized potting soil, which is weed and pathogen free.

There are more and more great ideas all the time for a little scene for our tiny friends - your fairy garden can be fanciful or whimsical, or mysterious.

Here are some fairy garden supplies you might need;

Supplies for your Fairy Garden from Amazon;

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