Echeveria racemosa atropurpurea
'Brown Sugar'

With a name like that...

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Other links on this site may lead to other companies that I'm associated with. know it will look delicious!  Echeveria racemosa atropurpurea 'Brown Sugar' is a most unusual shade of mahogany, shading to green in the crown of the plant.

Echeveria racemosa atropurpurea 'Brown Sugar'

Slow growth and its lovely colour make this one of the most sought after plants for Echeveria collectors.

The growth rate is slow to about 25cm (11") across. Long bloom sprays appear in the fall.

Its preferred conditions are bright light but not direct sunlight, with well drained soil.

Propagate by leaf cuttings, and by the sparsely produced offsets.

The leaves are loosely attached, so jostling the plant sometimes makes them drop - don't worry, they'll root where they land to make more tiny baby plants.

Use as a singly potted accent plant, or in a mixed planter with other rosette forming succulents.


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