Echeveria macrophylla

Big and Bold, just like its name

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Echeveria macrophylla is a robust and large scale plant similar to Echeveria 'Captain Nemo' . Burgundy toned foliage overlaid with lots of 'bloom', the waxy protective coating common to many succulents.

Echeveria macrophylla

The ultimate size of this big, beautiful species is over 25cm (11") across, with the flower stalk reaching about 20cm (16") tall.

Preferred conditions are bright light, fast draining soil.

Propagation is best done by leaf cuttings; as the leaves are so huge they should be rooted in a flat, not individual pots. 

This can be an issue, as the weight of the leaves sometimes pulls them out of the soil before they have a chance to root; weight them down with a rock or even pin them with a toothpick so they stay in contact with the potting medium.

Best uses are as a specimen planted singly as an incredible accent to the rest of your collection. Due to its size and sheer weight, put this in a heavy pot to stabilize it if you're displaying it outdoors on a deck or patio, just in case of a wind storm - the fleshy leaves are easily bruised or damaged.


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