Echeveria List A-L

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Find some favorites here

Many Echeveria find their way into our hearts and plant pots, for very good reason.

This list shows a few of my favorites, and each image links to a dedicated page with more information.

These are all classed as tender succulents, and are not frost hardy. However, their ability to withstand drought is unsurpassed.

Echeveria from A to L

Originating in hot desert conditions in Mexico and South America, there are still new species being discovered today.

The hybrids that we know and love are easy to grow and propagate, which only encourages that urge to acquire more.

Watch out, these plants are very addictive.

Once you have a few, there are always more of these lovely plants that will take your fancy.

Click on each of the pictures to go to a page with more information about that Echeveria variety or species.

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