Echeveria derenbergii

Another Beautiful Species

Echeveria derenbergii is another lovely (tongue twisting) species.  They sometimes go by the common name of 'painted lady'. 

Echeveria derenbergii

There are lots of solitary Echeveria that produce only a single rosette - this isn't one of them. 

E. derenbergii tends to make a wide spreading colony of small rosettes, eventually creating a carpet of the blue grey plants.  In time, they'll probably all flower at once, with very pretty arching stems of gold and pink blooms.

Originating in Mexico, these plants do best in similar conditions; bright light, well drained soil and no freezing temperatures.

If you can grow other Echeveria, there's no reason that Echeveria derenbergii won't thrive.

Find out how to grow Echeveria and keep them happy.

Orange and pink flowers on Echeveria derenbergiiOrange and pink flowers cover the plants for several weeks from early spring to summer

In frost free zones, grow this beauty in a rock garden in sandy soil for fast drainage.

Avoid watering when they're dormant, and restrict the fertilizer to prevent leggy or soft growth which can rot.

I've seen pictures of this great plant growing in containers, covered with the little arching stems of flowers. 

When they decide to bloom, watch out! As always, a pot or container with drain holes is imperative. 

The best containers for Echeveria are those with unglazed, porous sides.