Echeveria Black Prince

by Ervin Parker
(Nova Scotia,Canada)

This plant started dying from the top down.The stalk at the top became very mushy and then the leaves fell off and the stem became mushy all the way down.My plants are grown inside under fluoresent grow lights.I use a moisture meter to check for when they need water which seems to be about every 10 days.
The temp in the grow room is between 22 and 28 celsius.Humidity is about 70.I am in zone 5a in Nova Scotia,Canada.

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Dec 31, 2021
High Humidity
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

The high humidity is the culprit here I think. You can lower the temperature to under 20 for Echeveria (for the winter) and allow them to dry out considerably, as in; don't water them until springtime.

I also recommend getting Echeveria out of those plastic pots as soon as you can, preferably as soon as you bring them home. Use terracotta clay pots, or other unglazed pottery, or my favorite, hypertufa pots. These allow air exchange for the roots, which hate to be kept wet.

And that brings me to the bad news. I really doubt if this plant will recover. It's just too far gone, and with no leaves and probably rotting roots, there's not much left of it. Keep trying though, you never know. If it does survive, it will try to make new tiny shoots out of the leaf axils on the now bare stem. In time, you can cut those off and pot them up separately as new baby plants. It's a long term prospect, but you could end up with lots of nice healthy little plants.

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