Drowned Spider plant

I accidently left my beautiful spider plants outside overnight in the cold and it rained...:{ they are drooped an limp. How do I revive them back to good health?

Oh, too bad - luckily, spider plants otherwise known as Chlorophytum comosum are tough. I've found them almost impossible to kill, so you should be able to bring them back from the brink.

I would take them right out of the pots, and set them on some newspaper to dry out a bit. They have very fleshy roots, which can start to rot if they're kept too wet - a periodic wetting won't harm them permanently.

As you say they are limp and drooping, I would say that the temperature was too cold, and they could even be showing signs of frost damage, if it reached as low as freezing temperature.

You will have to watch to see if the leaves turn black, which will indicate that they are rotting - just cut those leaves off. If you have to, just cut all the leaves off, and the plant most likely will come back from the roots.

As I mentioned before, these are really resilient plants, and have great powers of recuperation. Don't fuss over them too much or they might get the idea that they're terminal. Talk to them encouragingly, and they'll recover.

Best of luck,

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