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Succulents of all kinds are easy to use in crafts and projects; find the latest weird and wonderful ways to plant these tough yet beautiful plants in odd and unusual displays.

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Low maintenance doesn't mean dull; you'll see lots of fun ideas and ways to use drought tolerant plants in your garden.

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Jul 04, 2020

Where should I replant these flowers or should I leave them in the planter?

I planted butterfly and wildflower mix & hummingbird and wildflower mix in this planter (top shelf in the picture). As you can see they are beautiful

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Jul 04, 2020

Moss terrarium

We have this moss terrarium inside a maple syrup bottle that has been showing significant growth in the past days. Is this normal? As you can see, they

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Jul 02, 2020

What happened to my moon cactus?

Why my cactus is looking like this

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Jul 01, 2020

Collecting Geranium Seeds - Pelargonium Propagation

Learn all about Collecting Geranium Seeds...

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Jul 01, 2020

Beneficial Insects in your xeriscape garden - pollinators & predators

Beneficial Insects are an army of predators taking care of the pests in your xeriscape garden day and night

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Jun 30, 2020

Pilea Concern

I purchased this little pilea a week ago. Since then, the leaves have started to drop. The leaves, and all but 2 of the stems are still firm, but they

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Jun 30, 2020

Baby Rubber plant

This is my peperomia obtusifolia, she’s like 3 years old (or more idk) and hasn’t been doing her best recently: she fell on her side, and one of the branches

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Jun 29, 2020

Trouble growing Zuckinni and Cucumbers

I live in Cleveland Ohio.. Having trouble growing Zuckinni and cucumbers in my home garden. Plant start out OK then when they start to produce the leaves

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Jun 29, 2020

How To Water Succulent Plants - do's and don'ts

How To Water Succulent Plants correctly so they don't get damaged in the process...

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Jun 29, 2020

New Juniper Owner Help!

I just purchased this juniper from a friend 2 days ago. I have no idea how to care for it, but my gut tells me something is wrong. I was told to water

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Jun 27, 2020

Top 10 Succulents For a Dry Garden

Do you want to make your dry garden look colourful and fresh? If yes, then you have landed on the right article. In this article, we will provide you with

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Jun 24, 2020

cactus terrarium

I just got this terrarium with cacti and i was wondering what species the highlighted cacti are? C looks very interesting, A & B look similar but no idea.

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Jun 23, 2020

Sick Veggies

I have had a very successful container garden for the past few years. I built garden beds and this year my plants seem to be sick. The photos are, in

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Jun 22, 2020

Blood orange seedling

I planted a seed I got on a blood orange like 3 months ago and not only it is this small (like 2 inches tall) but also it has this amorphous leaf. What

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Jun 22, 2020

Epsom Salt?

Is Epsom Salt good for tomato and pepper plants?

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Jun 22, 2020

Neem Oil to Prevent Lethal Bronzing on Cabbage Palms?

HI I live in Tampa and four of my sixteen palms have lethal bronzing. Will Neem Oil protect my healthy palms from the mites that transmit this? Can I

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Jun 19, 2020

Ceropegia Wodii

Hi there, My string of hearts was growing new parts until I decided to move her to a bigger pot (she was in a veeeery small pot) and now these new parts

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Jun 18, 2020

Succulent Wall - vertical gardening with succulents

A Succulent Wall to show off the textures and colors of succulent plants adds that wow factor to a blank wall or fence; if your garden is in need of some of that, build yours today...

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Jun 17, 2020

root rot in pine seedlings !

So I planted these seeds of pine trees (Pinus roxburghii) around 100 plants. 75 of them grew out okay its been almost a month but they have started

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Jun 15, 2020

Update on cotinus coggygria cuttings

Hi there! I just wanted to give an update on my cuttings, which are 2 weeks and 2 days old and are already showing new growth. Two of the cuttings are

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Jun 13, 2020

Fast Growing Shrubs - xeriscape gardens need some of these

Fast Growing Shrubs fill an important niche in your xeriscape garden; as privacy screens, hedgerows and windbreaks they perform an almost instant role as wildlife habitat too...

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Jun 13, 2020

Drought Smart Plants Greenhouse at Blue Fox Farm, my Micro Nursery

The Greenhouse is an integral part of the micro nursery; without it, there would be no propagation, and no fun...

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Jun 12, 2020

Buy E-Books about Gardening Topics, Xeriscaping, and Propagation

Buy my E-Books - learn all about Xeriscaping, Succulent Plant Propagation and more Gardening topics...

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Jun 12, 2020

What kind of tree is this?

I live in Northern Colorado and found this tree growing in my yard but, did not plant it. What is it? Thank you!

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Jun 11, 2020

Norway spruce

I recieved a norway spruce starter seedling from the arbor foundation which was about 9 tall. Well I planted it and now is 2 ft tall with about 10 stems.

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Jun 11, 2020

Seedlings keep dying after 3 weeks

I live in Las Vegas and can only grow Kale & Spinach with any success. Lately I have experienced my seedlings starting off like gangbusters and they get

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Jun 11, 2020

Air Conditioning??

In one of your posts about succulents and things they don't like is air conditioning in a draft. Could you explain, most of mine will be in my office that

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Jun 10, 2020

Can a rooted stem grow without leaves?

So I have this bonsai project with three cotinus coggygria softwood cuttings. 1 of them is slightly shorter than the others, and they have to be the same

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Jun 10, 2020

Sedum and Succulent Nursery - growing my favorite plants

My Sedum and Succulent Nursery is full of hardy Sedum, Sempervivum and Jovibarba which are perfectly adapted to growing in Canadian gardens...

Continue reading "Sedum and Succulent Nursery - growing my favorite plants"

Jun 10, 2020

How to Clean Garden Tools - sharpening and cleaning tips

Sharpening and Cleaning Tips - How to Clean Garden Tools...

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Jun 09, 2020

Fruit Cocktail Trees

Dwarf Fruit Cocktail Tree Prunus - Purple & Red Plum, Yellow & Red Nectarine, Apricot, Peach Pick 6 delicious varieties from this unusual tree! Plant

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Jun 08, 2020

Root rot in avocado seed

Hi there. I’ve been growing an avocado seed for 3 months almost. First, it was in water until it got some roots (it only got a fat root, and 3 less thick

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Jun 08, 2020

Barren rose bush

Central Virginia plant is approximately seven years old has never blossomed or filled out just grows long and leggy

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Jun 07, 2020

Sweet Viburnum disease or deficiency

Hi, Thanks for looking into this issue. I live in Australia in NSW in Cobbitty. We are into Winter now and over the last couple of weeks in Autumn,My Sweet

Continue reading "Sweet Viburnum disease or deficiency"

Jun 06, 2020

Pest Control - eliminate insects and pests on succulent plants

Use natural Pest Control to eliminate insects and pests on your succulent plants; mechanical methods such as trapping, using diatomaceous earth or other natural materials or cultivation...

Continue reading "Pest Control - eliminate insects and pests on succulent plants"

Jun 04, 2020

Golden raintree

Hello, I have a golden raintree that is dropping the small pollen-like flowers on my vegetable garden. Is this poisonous or will the flower be toxic to

Continue reading "Golden raintree"

Jun 04, 2020

Aloe vera plant care for beginners

The aloe vera plant is one of the most widely used medicinal plants on Earth. It's an easygoing, attractive and popular plant to grow at home. But in order

Continue reading "Aloe vera plant care for beginners"

Jun 03, 2020

3 sad looking & droopy boxwoods

I live in NE Wisconsin, zone 5a. The green leaves of the 3 boxwoods look healthy but the branches are noticeably drooping or limp. The shrubs are mostly

Continue reading "3 sad looking & droopy boxwoods"

Jun 03, 2020

Ash border to keep animals out?

Can you deter animals from a plant in the ground using a wood ash border around it?

Continue reading "Ash border to keep animals out?"

Jun 02, 2020

What can I do with this crazy plants root ball

What can I do with this crazy plants root ball?

Continue reading "What can I do with this crazy plants root ball"

Jun 01, 2020

Hummingbird Feeders - attract those little flying jewels

Attract those little flying jewels with Hummingbird Feeders...

Continue reading "Hummingbird Feeders - attract those little flying jewels"

May 31, 2020

Bought plant can’t figure it out

I bought this plant at cvs and I am trying to identify it! I have looked almost everywhere and can’t find anything like it please help

Continue reading "Bought plant can’t figure it out"

May 30, 2020

Top Ten Myths about Succulents; are they really that hard to grow?

The Top Ten Myths about Succulents; are they really that hard to grow? Find out the real truth behind the rumors, and learn more about dispelling the nonsense that surrounds these interesting plants

Continue reading "Top Ten Myths about Succulents; are they really that hard to grow?"

May 29, 2020

White spots on my WV Rose tomato plant

Don’t know what this is.

Continue reading "White spots on my WV Rose tomato plant"

May 29, 2020

Succulent Topiary - wire frames filled with lush succulents

Make your very own Succulent Topiary filled with lush succulent plants for an eye popping garden display

Continue reading "Succulent Topiary - wire frames filled with lush succulents"

May 29, 2020

Palm turning yellow and brown

Hi! So I purchased this palm 1 month ago. It is located on a upstairs balcony. I did bring it inside for a few days and forgot to water it. When I put

Continue reading "Palm turning yellow and brown"

May 27, 2020

Succulent Plant Business E-Book - the manual for microbusiness success

Your manual for microbusiness success - the Succulent Plant Business E-Book...

Continue reading "Succulent Plant Business E-Book - the manual for microbusiness success"

May 25, 2020

How do I prune this rhodehedron

I want this to look fuller but I’m looking at all the new growth and have no idea where to make cuts.

Continue reading "How do I prune this rhodehedron"

May 24, 2020

Small soft spikes on succulent?

I got this little guy at my work because I thought he looked really different. I have tried looking up what species but I cannot find anything on him.

Continue reading "Small soft spikes on succulent?"

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