Don't know what this is but I suspect it's a type of Echeveria

by Kathryn

My husband brought this home from an abandoned house. Is there a specific name for this plant? I've been trying to look for this particular bloom. The baby plants have leaves that are long spear shaped, succulant, green with purple edges and black spots on back.

Hi Kathryn, wow, good find! This is not an Echeveria, it's one of the Kalanchoe species. Those gorgeous towering clusters of bloom are a dead giveaway; they take a long time to get to the size where they'll do this, and it's always a surprise.

You might want to search through the plants on this page and see if someone has already asked about it - look at the bottom of the page for each entry.

Another place to look is on this page; Kalanchoe daigremontiana.

Hope this gets you on the right track with your search,

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