Dog dug up tree and broke it in half

by Wanda Hendrix
(Rome, GA )

Can a Chinese maple tree be saved. My dog dug up the tree this morning and also broke it in half. Can you make this tree root or survive.

Drought Smart Plants reply: If your tree has been dug up in full leaf, it may not survive. Depending on where you are, the size of the tree and if it's hot and dry weather or not, it might stand a chance.

First of all, you will have to trim the cut part. Without pictures of what's happened I can't really advise on that part, but most trees can come back from really severe damage, in time.

So, keep the roots damp, with a damp cloth or burlap if you have it, otherwise, use the hose and spray them periodically. Cut off any roots that are damaged, and take them back the same amount of wood that you cut off the top.

Replant your tree, and water well. You may decide to use this tree in a group or woodland, rather than as a specimen tree, as it will take a long time (years) to recover enough to look nice again.

Alternatively, buy a new tree for that spot, and a fence for the dog, and move on.

Best of luck,

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