Dish Gardening

Shallow Bowl Plantings

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Dish or bowl plantings are perfect for succulents with shallow root systems.  Combine a bunch of different textured plants, or make a tiny scene with driftwood and pebbles.

Dish Gardening

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Some succulents, like Sedum, Echeveria and others, have shallow root systems, and no tap roots.  They are so amenable to growing with little soil that planting them in a dish or bowl is the logical next step.

I've seen combinations of textural and colorful succulents planted closely together, accented with coral, stones and other items to create a fabulous 'under sea' panorama.

The only real requirement of a bowl or dish that you want to use for planting is that it has a drain hole - don't count on simply using charcoal or pebbles to provide drainage.

Mounding the soil up in the center of the pot gives it more height, making it easier to see more of the plants. 

Keep in mind that this kind of planting is short term.  The plants can quickly outgrow the space, but in the meanwhile, it makes a super little garden.

Succulent Planter Gallery

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