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Why are flowers all so different?

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The question I've been asked as a Certified Horticulturist is 'why all the different kinds of flowers and what makes them form such interesting and bizarre shapes?'

If you've wondered the same thing, this FREE e-book will answer it.

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You'll find out how each type of flower has evolved in its special niche to achieve one goal – to attract pollinators and produce seeds to carry on the lineage.

What makes this so important to plants?

Without seeds, and producing only identical clones (which plants can also do with rhizomes that split off into a new plant, pieces falling off to make a colony, or other vegetative means) the genetic diversity will be lost.

It is this diverse genetic material, only produced by means of 'sexual reproduction' that enables plants to evolve, adapt and form new types of plants.

This answers the question, how do plants adapt to changing climates and environments?

Plants evolve a different type of flowers depending on their environment, available pollinators and climate.

If a plant is producing seeds with a wide variation in hardiness, height, colour, and many other factors, at least a few of them will succeed and live long enough to pass along these traits.

The reason for each plant having a different type of flowers is that it will attract certain specialized insects or other pollinators to do the job of fertilizing the egg with pollen from other plants – in many cases, plants are 'self sterile' meaning that they can’t fertilize their own eggs with their own pollen, a safety feature to prevent an excess build up of flawed genetic material.

Plants have only one function according to their own creed; procreate, in whatever means possible.

If you find this topic fascinating, explore it with me in greater detail, and have exclusive access to many unique pictures of the wide array of different kinds of flowers.

The beauty and incredible diversity of plants can be a lifelong field of study in the areas of botany, horticulture and nature.

Download FREE A Different Type of Flowers E-Book to help your understanding of the identification of plants using their unique flower forms, the reasons for the shapes and colours that they display, what role scent plays and much more flower lore.

This E-Book contains unique pictures of flowers, flower lore and botany. Learn about the function of flowers now.

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