Dark green (sometimes turning purple) fuzzy foliage

by MJ

Tradescantia of some kind

Tradescantia of some kind

Last year I ordered a lot of 200 bare root succulents to use as favours at my wedding.

I kept the ones that were left and did my best to keep them alive, but the leftovers were pretty sad and the only one that really flourished was this one.

It started out with three little leaves and now it has hundreds - I love watching it grow.

However, some of the foliage recently started turning purple, and since I don't know the name of the species, I don't know how to determine what this change means. Some sections with purple branches have fallen off, but others have done just fine and some others have even reverted to their green state.

This is not like any of the other succulents I have, so I'm starting to doubt that it is even a succulent. However, since it came with 199 other succulent cuttings (from a succulent greenhouse), I'm not sure what else to think!

Please help!

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Sep 30, 2014
They had you fooled!
by: Jacki

You're right, this isn't a succulent, but it does thrive in similar conditions. It seems to be some kind of Tradescantia or Setcresia, which are also known (in a non-pc way) as Wandering Jew.

There are many different forms, but that should give you somewhere to start.

For care, these guys are pretty much iron clad. They like a bit more water than the average succulent plant, but don't mind being dry at times in between.

If it flowers, they will be either white or pink three sided blooms, usually in a loose cluster.

Generally, they're grown as foliage plants in a bright window, no full sun required.

As for the color change, I'm not sure what that indicates; sometimes it can be related to temperature, but we haven't had much cold weather yet. Other reasons could be light levels, possibly the purple is a response to less or more light on that part of the plant.

Hope that helps get you started in the right direction.

Feb 07, 2016
by: J

I think this may be something of the Crassula type. I have a crassula hybrid myself, and it has those long, thin leaves and fuzz.

Oct 07, 2021
Cyanotis somaliensis
by: Liz

I have long wondered what this is too (bought one untagged a few years back). I just figured it out and your inquiry came up as part of my search. It is Cyanotis somaliensis aka "Kitten Ears."

Oct 17, 2021
Its a Cyanotis species.
by: cereusly steve

Its an unidentified Cyanotis species. It is typically seen in collections as Cyanotis somaliensis but is definitely not that species. Its common name is "Pussy Ears".

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