Daisy-like flowers which open and close.

by Helen

This plant has been my pride and joy all summer.

It has bloomed constantly and is really easy to care for.

Even now in October it´s producing new flower buds and doesn´t seem to be unhappy without much sun although it only opens its flowers in bright weather and closes them in dull weather and at night.

I don´t think it would be happy indoors during the winter (?) so I imagine I´ll eventually have to compost it and replace it next spring. I´d be most grateful if you could identify it for me so that I can order it by name from a garden centre.

Thank you in advance.

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Oct 06, 2017
'Ice Plant'
by: Jacki

There are several different genera that go by the name 'Ice Plant' and they all have this same type of flower - daisy like in form, opening in sun, closing at night or on dull days.

Unfortunately, you're right - it won't do well indoors, and you'll just be disappointed. The main problem with this type of plant is that they get aphids or other bugs really easily.

This plant appears to be Gazania rigens 'Sun Gold', a popular variety that is grown as an annual, even though in it's place of origin it would grow as a much longer lived plant.

More pictures here.

Oct 07, 2017
Thank you
by: Helen

Thank you for identifying my lovely plant. I'd heard of Ice Plants but have only ever seen the small variety. I seem to have been lucky because my plant has never been attacked by any pests....and at least it's out of reach of snails!

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