Curly, trailing no-name

by Sue McCallan
(Novato, CA)

I was given this plant as a housewarming gift. It has curly "beans" that trail down the sides of the planter. The green and white-ish "bean curls" are very close together on the stem.

I've looked through my meager library of gardening books and can't find it.

Is there a Master Succulent Gardener out there that can help?

Thanks in advance,

Drought Smart Plants reply;

The master succulent gardener here is good, but not psychic! I need a picture!


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Feb 01, 2012
Curly No-Name Part 2
by: Sue McCallan

Here are the pictures of this trailing, curly, bean pod (empty inside) plant. Apologies that I didn't attach them the first time.

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