Curly, possibly succulent?

by Heather
(San Jose, Ca)

I got this from a nursery. It's tiny. I have looked online and found a few possibilities, but can't quite figure it out. It was with the succulents.

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Aug 23, 2017
Albuca namaquensis?
by: Jacki

Could this be Albuca namaquensis?

This post is all about the curls; Curly Plants and suggests a few other possibilities.

I would suggest that it may not be quite as drought tolerant as most succulents, so water carefully, and if it is a bulb, remember that the bulb part is water storing, and will rot easily if kept too wet.

Sorry I can't be more precise, this is one plant I haven't come across before!

Aug 23, 2017
by: Heather

I guess I have to poke in and see if there's a bulb. I had only seen similar plants online until yesterday, so when I saw it, I had to get it. As usual, all the label said was "assorted succulent"

Jun 04, 2018
It’s called Albuca spiralis
by: Feel Good Planters

It’s an Albuca Spiralis. It is a South African protected species and very rare. Loves warm temps and is not cold hardy below 30 F. Better to pot so it can be brought inside during colder months. Blooms from spring through summer. The blooms are fragrant. If you reply make sure the top of the bulb is uncovered. It likes a bit more water during blooming season.

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