Crassula possibly..but I need help

by Laura
(Indianapolis, IN)

I have three of these same plants and they are small, maybe 3 inches tall at most. I don't know what kind they are or what to do for them. I need help. They were planted and given to me as a gift. I have tried following the instructions for them, but still they aren't healthy. the bottoms leaves as you can see in the picture are dried and wrinkled up, and the tops are slumped over. Do they need water, no water, more light? I just don't know what to do ? Is the planter too small, do they need replanted. I think the planter has some gravel in it and soil/dirt of top of that. Is there any thing I can do do save these plants or are they goners? :o(

Drought Smart Plants reply:
They are definitely cute - I can see why you're so determined to save them.

They certainly do have some of the characteristics of Crassula - mainly the leaves growing opposite on the stem and clasping it, but I'm not sure which species this would be.

I'm wondering if the funny little container has a drain hole in it?

If not, this could be a major problem.

You should either remove the plants and replant them in a different container which has a drainage hole, or my other recommendation, which would be to take cuttings off the top parts of each plant, and re-root them.

Quite often, the roots that some plants have depend on what kind of soil they were rooted in, and under what conditions.

I've found that if I take cuttings from plants that come from large box stores or other places that buy them in huge quantities, the cuttings that I root are much healthier, and do much better under my conditions.

I'm not sure why this would be, but in most cases even plants that look like these, really sick and ready to die, will root and turn out to be beautiful healthy plants.

See the page here for more on Succulent Plant Propagation, or buy the Succulent Plant Propagation E-Book for even more detailed instructions.

Good luck and Happy Succulent Growing!

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Mar 03, 2012
ID suggestion...
by: Amanda

Looks like crassula pergorata variagata to me. They don't get very tall, they like to bend and twist along the ground, setting new roots as they wind. They look great in trailing form, spilling over the edge of containers.

Drought Smart Plants says: would this be Crassula perforata, possibly? (not pergorata) Just a spelling thing...

Jan 20, 2012
Thanks for getting back with me
by: Laura

These cute little plants were a gift to me. My friend made it while they were in San Francisco at Urban Bazaar. If I replant them can I use the same soil or do I need to totally start over? I don't think this little wall pocket container has a hole for draining. Maybe I could try drilling a hole in it.

Thanks for the ideas and help...I really want these plants to make it.

Drought Smart Plants reply:
I would totally start over with fresh soil, and definitely, if you want to tackle it, drill a hole in the pot - use a masonry bit, and go slowly. Wishing you luck!

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