Could you tell the name?

by Mehrnoush Zangeneh

Could you tell name of this succulent for me please and how take care of that.
Thanks a lot.

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Jul 16, 2014
Not a succulent...
by: Jacki

This plant is not a succulent; it's called Tradescantia which is commonly grown as a very reliable houseplant, or as a trailing plant in a hanging basket for the summer months.

Some of this genus are smaller than others; I can't tell from the picture the scale of yours but it seems to be one of the bigger ones. The closely related plant called Purple Heart is one of the larger kinds.

Some of the names of these plants are really out there; Tahitian Bridal Veil is one of the tiny kinds, and many of them go by the (not very politically correct) name of Wandering Jew.

Some are variegated too, adding to their appeal.
They all require the same care; bright filtered light, ample water during the summer, and the occasional weak fertilizer is all they need. To propagate, snip off a stem and put it in a glass of water; roots will appear in a week or two.

Hope that helps get you started on the right foot.

Jul 17, 2014
Thank you letter
by: Mehrnoush

Thank you very much Jacki.You helped me a lot. Now I could take care of my plant better because I know what it is.
Have a great time. Thank you again.

Oct 17, 2021
I could tell you the name. Its Tradescantia sillamontana.
by: cereusly steve

Its Tradescantia sillamontana. Its a half hardy perennial species that dies back during winter, t can with stand some cold but is not reliable during an extended cold winter with freezing temperatures.

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