Companions ??

by Melissa Haugen

Can I plant creeping Tyme in the pot of my ginsing bonsai tree .. I thought maybe they would look nice together.. please see attached photos

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Nov 14, 2022
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

What I would do, if your ginseng is not a hardy type and grows indoors, is find a plant that would be happier with the same conditions. Thyme likes a bright and fairly well drained situation, and probably wouldn't like being in lower light conditions indoors.

Have you looked at similar scale ground covers / houseplants like Baby's Tears ( Soleirolia soleirolii )?

Nov 14, 2022
by: Melissa

Someone was throwing out the Tyme and I didn’t want him to die so I brought him home .. he will be on the balcony for all warmer months (inside for winters so I can enjoy) like my bonsai (name : bubble butt) and other plants …. I almost lost him this summer after 13 years due to some personal issues .he loves sunny days. right now he has never looked so "thinned out" but he is starting to bounce back . A little grow light has been helping a lot … thus I thought maybe bubble butt would like a companion and the tyme is starting to looks so cute: Also I won’t purchase new plants in the winter .. always goes bad for me:


Oh but the babies tears looks amazing I’m kinda crushing on them now too lol

Nov 15, 2022
Then by all means...
by: Jacki

Give it a shot - you never know. If you already have the plant, and you don't mind if it doesn't like it, why not try?

I feel the same way with the baby's tears - super fun little plant.

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