college environmental student

by Kelly
(Conowingo, Md..)

I am currently working on a white paper for my environmental science class, and my topic is green roofs. I would love an idea of sedums we can use in maryland. Can you help?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Kelly, if you know your climate zone, that would help. I'm in Zone 4, on the USDA plant hardiness map, so any of my Sedum that I discuss on the site will be hardy to that zone, and possibly even colder. This list of Sedum plants will show you more pictures, and each picture is a link to more information about that specific plant.

For green roofs, they have to be really tough, so maybe have a look here for my recommendations: Green roof Sedum.

Hopefully this will help make some good choices.

Best of luck with your project,

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