Clueless on what it is and how to take care of it...

by Chelsea

I am certain that it is a succulent plant but what type?

It's leaves are very chunky and the leaves have some sort of white on it which wipes off if you touch it. The leaves are smooth and silky, what type would it be?

Hi Chelsea, this gorgeous creature is a type of Echeveria. There are many many hybrids and species, and it's almost impossible to really pin down exactly which one.

Out of the many that there are, this one appears to be similar to Echeveria 'Jackie'.

The white powder is a common trait of many succulents, especially those that don't have hairs for protection against the bright sunlight in their native habitat.

It's called 'bloom' not to be confused with 'flowers' and it's the same as what grapes and certain other fruits like plums have.

It prevents moisture loss because it's a type of wax. It also goes by the name 'pruinose'

You can learn more about how to grow Echeveria here.

Best of luck with your lovely plant!

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