caterpillar and spider plants

by Barbara
(Bethlehem PA USA)

I came back from vacation of 2 weeks and the beautiful spider plant in my office was dead, there was round dirt all over the window sill and beyond. Then I noticed caterpillars crawling all over, brown with a yellow stripe, all sizes, on the floor on the plant everywhere. Plus some were making way into the main office and a couple of caterpillars were just starting on another spider plant in the outer office. The window is not open. Where did they come from? It is not a new plant. I did take it home over a year ago and changed the soil and refreshed with babies that came from the same plant that I had rooted and had in my office as well

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Oct 17, 2017
by: Jacki

I would need a picture to see what kind of caterpillars these are, Barbara. It would most likely be some kind of moth, and it doesn't take much time for them to find a plant to lay their eggs on.

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