Can someone tell me what kind of spider this is?

by Teresa Poe
(Maryville, Tennessee)

I was carring in some stackable trays from my garage and the next thing I knew it felt like something was stinging me on the upper inside part of my leg, I didn't see anything at first but when I got up and was rubbing my leg I looked down and on the floor saw this spider, it was dead so I am assuming I killed it without knowing it and really still not sure if it bit me or not, there is a small place on my leg which will itch and burn every once in awhile but it is just one little mark so like I said still not sure about it biting me, but can you tell me what kind of spider this is just in case.

Thank you,
Teresa Poe
from: Maryville Tennessee

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Teresa, the one kind of spider you don't want to mess with is the Brown Recluse spider which love to live in garages or other seldom used places, in particular they like clothing or gloves that are left out.

There was a guy locally here who got bitten recently putting on a work glove while cutting firewood, and only realized days later that a spider had bitten him - it was touch and go for a week or so wondering if they would have to amputate his hand!

Unfortunately, your pictures are pretty hard to tell if that's what this is. Judging from the shape if it, it's not either a Brown Recluse, or a Black Widow, which are both smooth, not hairy.

If you have a bite, it will have a typical 'bulls eye' look to it (red, and really sore) and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

These spiders bites can cause flesh eating disease, and a lot of issues. If the bite is treated immediately with antibiotics, it stops the damage, but you need to know what the spider is before starting to panic.

If your 'bite' is still showing signs of reaction, see your doctor right away.

I recommend that you try and take the spider with you (preferably alive) so they can ID it properly.

Good luck,

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Mar 16, 2012
step into my parlour
by: Magdalene

Teresa, your poor unfortunate friend was alarmed and bit you because you probably had started squishing her 'by accident' as you were moving her house... She looks to be a common North American house spider.

Very common throughout the Continent, pretty much likes the same environments we do :) It will sting for a couple of days but that's pretty much it.

It is another spider, entirely that is responsible for most of the damage that the recluse gets blamed for: the invading Hobo spider.

Most spiders we live with are very beneficial: eating up all the nasty bugs that eat our plants, food, get into our dried goods and woolens, etc.

My vote is on the spiders!


Drought Smart Plants reply; hear, hear! My spiders are all well trained and obedient.

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