called it a moss rose. ID plz?

by Jason
(Cincinnati Ohio)

This was @ a little mom n pop stop shop on the side of the road. dude has lots of cuttings of various plants. ALL unmarked ofc. This he called a moss rose. but i am unskilled with succulents ID. Portulaca oleracea is the closest thing i could find. thoughts?

If you know what this is please let me know - Thanks in advance guys/girls!

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Jason, you are right on the money - Moss Rose is one of the common names for Portulaca. You'll enjoy this great little plant - perfect for adding some bright colour in hot and dry situations. Adaptable to container growing but happy in sandy well drained soil in the most challenging sites, these great little succulent plants will last until a frost, blooming non-stop. If they do slow down in late August, give it a hair cut and it will carry on. Compost tea for fertilizer will give it a boost at the same time.

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