Cactus and identification and value

by Mike Herman
(Hemet, CA)

Flattened by a vehicle

Flattened by a vehicle

Unfortunately, A negligent driver jumped the curb in front of my house and took out a large portion of my favorite cactus. I am hoping that you can identify the damaged cactus (which has been in the ground at the same location for 60 years).
Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me an estimate to replace the damaged cactus, or let me know who I can contact to help me with this dilema.
I live in Hemet, CA (near Los Angeles).
Thank you,
Mike Herman

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Sep 06, 2018
Too Old
by: Jacki

Hi Herman, unfortunately, your cactus is too old to put any kind of value on. It's irreplaceable in that size. What I suggest is that you remove any really badly damaged parts, and let it grow back. In a year or two, you will not be able to see where it was damaged.

As to an ID, I really don't have enough experience with cacti. Judging from the pattern of the needles it looks like some kind of prickly pear - see this image search. There are many, many Opuntia.

If you really want to ID it, take your pictures to a local garden center - they would be more likely to know what kinds grow locally to you, and where to get them. Another place you could try is the agricultural extension office near you, or a local landscaper who has been in business for a long time.

Sorry I can't help more, but I'm not in your area so I'm not familiar with the plants or the services that are near you.

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