Building Rustic Furniture E-Book

Twig Garden Crafts

Do you ever see great piles of twigs in the local park, waiting for a chipper, or the line crews de-limbing roadside trees, and covet the twigs and branches for crafts?

In many cases, as long as there is no danger to the public, the crews will be happy to allow you to take as much as you want - fill your boots! as the saying goes.

You get your precious twigs home; then what?

Building Rustic Furniture E-Book

How can you learn about building these kinds of rustic garden crafts?

Get started with your twig craft building with some important background topics:

  • Twig Craft Techniques;
  • Wire Techniques for Crafts;
  • How to Build a Twig Fence

Once you have access to twigs and branches from landscapers and arborists, or an orchard that is convenient for collecting them, you can learn many ways to use these to make your own interesting garden accents and crafts such as:

  • Twig Furniture
  • Twig Fan Trellis
  • Twig Tuteur
  • Twig Tower
  • Spiral Plant Support
  • Twig Obelisk

And many more projects for your garden that are rustic, unique and fun.

If you are crafty and can use a cordless drill, a hammer and have the ability to follow instructions, this book will give you the knowledge to make your very own unique twiggy accents for your landscaping to give it a rustic country appeal. Don't worry - it's an intuitive and easy craft, and using this e-book to show you how it won't be a difficult or time consuming.

The Building Rustic Furniture E-Book will provide you with ideas and inspiration, available right on your hard drive as an instant download.  Cost of this e-book is $4.47:

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