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Odd Strategies for Survival in the Jungle

Bromeliads are a group of plants that contains many genera.  They are known for their fabulous flowers, such as the gorgeous Queens Tears, which hang in drops and sprays of many colors when they unexpectedly bloom.

Bromeliads - odd and unusual jungle plants

Even the leaves can be spectacular in some of the Bromeliads - striped and stiff, they form a vase, tank or cistern, which as the name indicates, contain water. 

This is how the plant survives long periods with little to no moisture in their environment. 

These are the Blushing Bromeliads - even though they are bright and colorful, these 'flowers' are a bit misleading - these are actually bracts or leaves that change color. 

The actual flower is inside the cistern, well hidden.

Bromeliads are brightly colored...The brightly colored bracts are actually modified leaves - the flowers are tiny, hidden down inside - they are purple, in this case...

Some of these plants are poorly rooted, I guess they don't need them if they carry their own water for whenever they need it.  In jungles, the soil would be compost and very rich because of the decades of leaves and twigs that fall from the tall trees. 

The canopy of the trees prevents the sun from reaching, so these are shade loving plants.  In extreme rainfalls, this is when the tank would fill up to store water for those dry times.


Others in this family are the Tillandsia, of which some have grassy foliage, but then a feathery plume like flower in pink, red or orange will emerge. 

The Pink Plume and other closely related plants are easy to grow indoors.

Tillandsia also contain the air plants that are so popular for growing in 'aeriums' or glass globes that can hang. 

These amazing plants get all the moisture they require out of the air, with no need for any soil.

One of the most famous of all bromeliads is the pineapple, well known for the great tasting fruit. 

Often, the pineapple is given to newcomers of a community to welcome them.

See more gorgeous Bromeliads here...

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